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Spodbudno učno okolje

18. 11. 2021
9.00 - 17.20

Vabljena govorca

Drs. Eleonoor van Gerven

Drs. Eleonoor van Gerven started out in the early eighties as a kindergarden teacher. In those years, she also studied history and philosophy of education. She worked for five years as a researcher at the Radbout University Nijmegen. In 1995 she started a private teacher training and counselling institute. Ever since she has been Director of ‘Slim! Educatief’, which is an institute specializing in post graduate training courses (post bachelor & post master) on educating the gifted. Each year more than 400 students subscribe to these training courses.

Eleonoor van Gerven developed the competence matrix that is being used on different teacher trainings for educating the gifted. She developed software to support teachers identifying and responding to the educational needs of their gifted students. This software is being used in 30 % of all Dutch schools. As a pedagogue, she’s written several books on educating the gifted. Her most recent books are on educating gifted children in the early years (age group 4-6),on educating gifted underachievers, on developing curriculum for gifted learners(4-12 year olds) and on response to intervention strategies for profiling educational needs of gifted students and their teachers.


Dr. Melissa Peterson Malen

AxyLu Academic Coaching, St. Paul, ZDA

Melissa Peterson Malen, PhD, is the owner of AxyLu Academic Coaching, LLC.  She specializes in coaching students and adults who experience performance challenges in the areas of executive function and self-regulation. Dr. Malen coaches clients that have ADHD, dyslexia, nonverbal learning disability, or are twice exceptional. Melissa earned an MA in counseling psychology and a PhD in education. Dr. Malen has researched the experience of parents of students with ADHD and is developing programs targeted at improving student underachievement.